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Saffron DLux Leopard

Saffron DLux Leopard

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Get spotted with Saffron, our DLux Leopard plush! An armful of exotic fun, this lovable cub is ready for a day of hugs and cuddles. Her beautifully marked coat has been crafted from plush materials so soft and decadent, they must be felt to be believed. Gently weighted paws lend Saffron a floppy feel that will have her fans coming back time and again for more soothing snuggles. Large, rounded ears, and a sweet, dark eyed expression accentuate Saffron’s cub-like appearance and will melt the hearts of wild cat lovers. A sculpted, pink nose and white, tufted chin complete her look. Make every day a safari adventure when you wrap your arms around our lovable DLux Leopard stuffed animal!

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Dimensions 20 × 6 × 9 in

24 Months & Up


20" Long Without Tail


(51 cm)





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